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Trouble Makers for Your Roof and Home

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Trouble Makers for Your Roof and Home
Most trouble makers will attempt to enter your home from the bottom (basement) or the top (roof). While you might spend a lot of time in your basement, you may not have inspected your roof lately. Here are the most common trouble maker categories for your roof: 1. Environmental, 2. Hazardous Chemicals and 3. Pests.

Roof Holes Welcome Pests
The ideal home will have a solid, leak-proof roof. There will be no cracks, holes or spaces into which water, dust or insects can enter. It is wise to have a professional roofer check your roof and fix some of the shingles that might have blown off or become damaged.

1. Environment Can Rot Structure
Modern home builders have many materials and techniques that can attempt to create a completely-sealed home environment. But realistically, all houses are part of the natural eco-system around them. Wind, water and hail damage can be a common problem for all homes.
In a cold environment, water can enter through a roofing tile crack and freeze. When it freezes, it will expand further damaging your home. When it melts, it may dampen your insulation, rot your wood or rust your metal fixtures.
Dry climates use clay roofing tiles able to handle the harsh desert sun without cracking. These tiles are more rigid.
Mold, mildew and fungus can grow inside your house leading to coughs, asthma and lung problems. It is wise to regularly clean your heating ventilation and air conditioning systems to remove foreign particulates.

2. Hazardous Chemicals Damage Air Quality
Asbestos and lead paint were used in many older homes as cheap construction materials. When roofing materials rot, they can give off harsh smells due to the combination of different chemicals.

3. Pests Are Uninvited Guests
Ants, beetles, centipedes, spiders and bees might invade your home. Add cockroaches and termites and a homeowner could be in a “world of hurt.”
Guess Who Showed Up For Dinner … And Won’t Leave!
When the seasons change, rats, scorpions, bats, squirrels and birds may seek shelter in your home. Some squirrels can gnaw through roofing tiles. Professional roofers can remove a “Pest Nest” from your roof. Trouble makers born on your home are likely to return each year.
Professional roofers know what to look for when inspecting your home. You should hire them to keep the trouble makers outside.

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