Rooftop Gardens: More than a Passing Fancy

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Rooftop Gardens: More than a Passing Fancy

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Most of the work we get for our roof and gutters Raleigh branch are for metal orders. It’s durable, lightweight and relatively cheap for most housing purposes.

But then we get a few inquiries about turning rooftops into veritable gardens. We kid you not – it is very possible to put up a complete garden on top of your roof, especially if you are willing to invest and maintain in that rooftop garden.

The idea is pretty simple, really. Just form a metal box and reinforce the metal roofing to accommodate the weight of soil, water and plant matter. Transfer the dirt, plant shrubs and small herbs and presto – you have a rooftop garden. You can even work with a woodworking Raleigh shop to carve out elaborate wood benches and decorative to complement your garden!

This is actually quite the eco-friendly choice, especially in more urban environments. Tougher varieties of grass and heat-resistant shrubs can soak up a lot of heat from the area. It also helps that rooftop gardens are extremely pleasant to look at and can serve a practical purpose at the same time.

Do note, however, that rooftop gardens require a lot of maintenance to maintain their natural beauty. Proper watering schedules, routine fertilization and regular trimming will all help keep the plants in tip-top shape. Another detail to note is planting herbs and shrubs that a) thrive in day-long sunlight and b) won’t overgrow to the point where the roof can no longer bear the weight of the biomass.

Get all this nailed down, though, and you’ll have a lovely patch of greenery growing right on your rooftop!

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