Roof Replacement 101

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Roof Replacement 101

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Roof replacement is a scary experience for any inexperienced home owner. Some of the questions going through the mind of a homeowner are the cost of replacement and the amount of time it will take. The following is some basic knowledge on roof replacement.

Type of Material
The choice of material for roofing normally depends on the location of a homeowner as well as their taste.
Asphalt Shingles: These are cheap and can be easily obtained. They also do not look attractive because of their flat appearance.
Wood Shake: This type of material looks better compared to asphalt shingles and is also more costly.
Metal Roofing: This type of material is very rare. Metal roofing is quite striking and requires specialized services to install them.
Slate Roofing: This type of material is very slippery. It is a very attractive and a high end option for roofing.
Rubber Slate: This material is acquired from recycled synthetics. Rubber slate is mostly chosen for its environmental friendly properties.
When Do You Need a Roof Replacement?
Homeowners should perform an inspection of their roof at least twice a year. The first place to inspect a roof is from inside the house. The other place to inspect a roof is the exterior.
Three Main Signs that You Need to Replace Your Roof
Worn shingles: One of the obvious signs of a roof replacement is missing or broken shingles. When a shingle starts lifting, it is a sign that you should consider its age.
Water stains: Many people only notice that their roofs are worn out when they start to leak. If the ceiling of a house has water stains, this shows that the roof needs to be replaced.
Rot: When a roof has rotted portions, this means that it needs to be replaced. Smooth roof areas also point to an aging roof and are another reason for conducting roof replacement.
Bare spots and missing granules: A valley drainage that is poorly designed or badly placed downspouts or even lack of an eavestrough may result in a waterfall effect which means granules will be washed away. Physical damage or an aging roof can result in bare spots and missing granules. When the granules of a roof are washed away or lost, the shingle starts to harden because of exposure to the sun and heat. The loss of granules accelerates shingle decay and roof aging.

Damaged flashings: flashings around valleys, skylights, rakes, eaves, stacks, wall details and chimney can lift, separate or dry out. Lifting and separating of flashing is due to contraction and expansion that loosens the fasteners. Contraction and expansion also causes the flashing flange at the bottom to lift and this allows water to pass through.
Cost of Replacement
The cost of replacing a roof varies depending on the roofing materials, the steepness or pitch of the roof, the surface to be roofed among other factors. Replacement can cost from $5,000 and above.
The Process of Roof Replacement
Find a Roof Contractor
The first step to replacing a roof is finding an experienced and reputable contractor. When comparing the services of a contractor one should look at thing such as insurance, licensing, references, past records and the service charges.
Inspection of the Roof
A roofing contractor will begin by inspecting the roof and the area around the house. The contractor will take roof measurements to estimate the cost of the service and prepare to tear off the roof. The contractor will inspect elements of the roof such as the roof deck, shingles, leak barriers, roof flashing and attic ventilation. During this process, the contractor will replace missing shingles, nail pops, worn out slots and missing granules.

Choosing the Correct Roofing Materials
Wood shingles wear out faster when compared to asphalt shingles. When replacing a roof, the contractor will remove the roof materials and install a new roof system. 85% of roofing replacements are done using asphalt shingles. Other materials include natural slate, wood shingles, concrete tiles and clay tiles. Metal roofing is mainly used for industrial and business establishments.
Compatible Products
A roof system’s components should be compatible, so that the entire roof system is properly set up. The underlayment should be strong, the leak barrier needs to be water tight and the starter trips should be capable of preventing water and wind from penetrating through the shingles. Finally, the wood decking should have proper ventilation.
Best Warranty
When looking for a roof contractor for roof replacement, one should determine the warranty for the services. A reputable and experienced roofing company will provide quality re-roofing services and warranty for their job. The No Dollar Limit warranty is the best warranty option for re-roofing. The manufacturer will pay for the material and labor. The warranty for newly installed roofs goes for up to 20 years.

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