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Why Recycling Asphalt Tiles Matters

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A Service That Helps The Environment
When Housetop Roofing removes old asphalt tiles from a customer’s roof, we take the time to transport discarded materials for recycling. These used shingles won’t wind up slowly disintegrating in the landfill along with garbage.
Recycled asphalt tiles eventually spring to life again in another form. It’s one of the roofing and home renovation environmental success stories of this decade, in fact. Roof shingle recycling

An Interesting Process
The recycled asphalt tiles of today actually offer a number of surprising benefits for people. Professional recycling firms break tiles down into an aggregate mix called “RAS”, also known as Recycled Asphalt Shingles.” RAS enjoys 100% utility, so it does not contribute waste to landfills.
Recyclers clean and crush the tiles into a manageable form, then add them to an aggregate. Today contractors employ RAS in a variety of ways to produce beneficial products at low cost. Cheaper than fresh aggregate, RAS typically enters hot mix asphalt. However, road crews also use RAS for cold asphalt patching, or as a fuel source in cement kilns.

Since tiles manufactured before 1980 sometimes contained asbestos, asphalt tile recycling companies test batches of this material carefully in order to remove any tiles containing asbestos, a potentially hazardous ingredient. They also take out any remaining attached pieces of wood or nails. The ability of asphalt tiles from roofs to contribute to new sustainable road surfaces surprises many people.

Interest in Recycling Asphalt Tiles Spreads
The benefits of recycling asphalt roofing shingles gained greater attention recently. For example, in 2007 the Environmental Protection Agency performed a study which indicated that every year, Americans generate approximately 11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste. That struck many people as a lot of material to send to community landfills.

Then just last year, the National Asphalt Pavement Association released the results of a survey that had been requested by the Federal Highway Association. This poll revealed significant recent interest in recycling asphalt-based products.

During the period between 2009 and 2013, recycling companies began using Recycled Asphalt Shingles and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (“RAP”) in greater amounts. In fact, they added these recycled products to new asphalt mixes at a 135% higher rate than previously. The costs savings these firms enjoyed by relying on recycled material has resulted in international expansion of these programs.

Just recently, one of the larger recycling companies in the USA, Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt LLC, widened its recycling programs to include the UK. Reusing asphalt products, such as used roofing shingles, lowers the cost of roadway construction projects and cement kiln operations in many places.

The Green Benefits
Not all roofing companies transport used asphalt shingles to recycling facilities. Yet as the quantity of this material has increased over the years, tiles that don’t obtain recycling represent a huge burden on landfills around the nation. Disposing of discarded asphalt shingles responsibly through recycling aids local communities.
Housetop Roofing‘s effort to assist our roofing customers by transporting old asphalt shingles for recycling offers several benefits. First, you won’t need to clean up the yard or grounds after we install a beautiful new roof on your home. Second, you’ll gain the added satisfaction of knowing that your old asphalt tiles did not go to waste. They’ll undergo a useful transformation instead. Third, sending the old shingles for recycling helps people residing in this part of North Carolina enjoy a cleaner, greener environment without incurring unnecessarily high public landfill operation costs.

Housetop Roofing’s Great Reputation
A Better Business Bureau member, Housetop Roofing serves people throughout the entire Tri-City Area: Raleigh, Wake Forest and Durham. Modern roofing products include shingles made from asphalt, wood, clay, metal and ceramic components. We possess extensive experience in this field. We’ll gladly take a look at your roof at your request and inform you about its condition.

Today, a number of respected manufacturers produce many different types of asphalt shingles in a huge variety of colors and shades. As the variety of available home building products has expanded in recent years, consumers gained the ability to customize the appearance of homes. Wide color selections exist on the market now. We help customers with any concerns they have about matching the colors of roofing shingles, windows, gutters and vinyl siding.

Housetop Roofing possesses expertise in the field of roofing and siding. It’s one reason we received the designation of Best Roofing Company in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Our company does not take shortcuts during the roofing process.

In order to obtain the best results and avoid damaging a roof, we refrain from using air guns. Instead, we’ll hand nail every shingle in order to achieve attractive, reliable results.
Our efforts to handle every roof carefully and to discard old asphalt tiles responsibly pleases clients. We help showcase the Tri-Cities.

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