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Why Install Gutter Guards on Your Raleigh Roof

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There is much to be fascinated about the fall season, especially the beautiful colors as leaves start to turn, but the cause of excitement can be bad for your house. Leaves are the leading causes of clogged gutters. Gutter guards make sure debris, twigs, and leaves do not clog your gutter, which can be a big inconvenience to you. Not only are they a great addition to the house, but they also confer several benefits.

Avoid Clogged Gutters

The most obvious benefit of a gutter guard is keeping unwanted debris from the gutter. This does not affect water flow in any way. Clogged gutters can cause extensive home damage to the building from overflows.The issues you will experience if the gutters are not directing water as required include damaged gutters due to added weight, house foundation damage, erosion in the property, and damaged roof timbers and walls.

Environmental Benefits

Leaves, twigs, and other unwanted materials which easily find their way to the gutters also provide an ideal environment for the growth of mold, accumulation of pests, and spores. Spores are light and can float around the environment to evoke allergic responses or respiratory problems to the house occupants.Mold elimination is expensive, and you have to do your best in avoiding such a situation in your home. Pests and rodents will be a nuisance, and they do not just eat your food but also disturb your peace. The mold can find its way into the house too and cause the whole structure to rot.

Better Home Value

Gutter guards should be a standard element in all homes. In the future, selling a house without these guards will be difficult unless the seller reduces the price. Buyers can manipulate this aspect to get a price reduction that is even more than what they will use to install the guards.New homeowners do not want a house they will have to work on. They prefer one they can move in and start enjoying themselves right away. Instead of waiting until you want to sell the house to get the guards installed, you can do it while you are living there to enjoy the benefits too. When you put the house on the market, eventually, it will sell fast and at a better price.

Financial Benefits

Having gutter guards reduces the amount of dirt that accumulates over time, which eliminates the need for frequent gutter cleaning. A gutter guard system is self-sustaining in terms of preventing property damage and cutting maintenance cost.


Cleaning gutters is not one of the safest procedures. You can be electrocuted due to exposed electrical wires or fall off the ladder. Also, you can cause damage to the roof, the gutters, fascia boards, and walls. The risk is not just to you, as a person, but also to the home. It is sensible to install a system that will eliminate the risks of maintaining your home.

Prevent Rust

When damp or wet debris remains in the gutter for a long time, rusting will occur. A rusted gutter presents a host of problems, and the bottom-line is that you will have to install new gutters. This is very expensive compared to having gutter guards installed. It is better to eliminate the rust situation by having gutter guards.

Reduce the Time You Spend on Maintenance

Besides cutting on your repair budget, you will save time too. Anyone who has ever cleaned a gutter knows how time-consuming the activity can be. Also, it is filthy, especially when there are no guards. You can direct the extra time you get to more productive projects.The perfect gutter guard system will not only offer these benefits, but it will also strengthen your house. This leaves it in a better position to hold its ground in the worst situation the ever-changing weather can throw its way. You need a quality gutter guard system and the best installation contractor. In Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle, Housetop Roofing is one of the best gutter guard installation companies.

The price is not the determinant of quality, but the design and basic concept. Additionally, you don’t have to choose boring designs due to functionality. You can keep the house looking good, and still get the best out of the guards.

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