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  • It is important to know who you are hiring to work on your biggest investment, your home. We realize you as a consumer have many choices and sometimes you can become overwhelmed with which direction to take. That is why Housetop Home Improvements tries to make your decision less complicated by providing you with simple guideline.
  • Make sure the company is established. Verify the company’s name, owners name and phone number. Then check each of those items with the Better Business Bureaus for any AKA’s (Also Known As). Also check for any complaints. This is very important. Unfortunately there are contractors out there whose only objective is to make a dollar. Sometimes once your roof is finished you may not realize your warranty is also finished. Some companies have no intentions on honoring their work. They simply change their names and start over again. You often hear horror stories on television about these companies.
  • Ask the company if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask the company to verify their tax Identification number.
  • Ask the contractor, do you work from home or from an office? Can I reach a person at any time during normal workings hours. (Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm).
  • Make sure the company is insured with both Workers Compensation and General Liability Coverage. Make sure you ask them to provide you with a certificate of insurance. Make sure the dates on the certificate correspond with the date your roofing work is to be started and completed. If a contractor does not have enough coverage or if they have no coverage you may be liable for any accidents to their employees or your property. You would be surprised at the number of homeowner’s who insurance companies have been sued by contractors and or their employees. To fully understand this topic do not hesitate to call your insurance agent.
  • Ask for references. Read the estimate carefully. Ask if an owner will be on site when your roof is being replaced. If they explain to you it will be a foreman or supervisor ask how long they have been employed with the company.
  • In some case you can see rotten sheathing from inside your attic. In most cases you cannot see if any sheathing is needed until the shingles and felt paper have been removed from the roof. Ask the company what they charge for rotten sheathing if any is found.
  • I made sure my personal roof was HAND NAILED. I did not use air guns on my personal roof. In many cases a person using an air gun will nail right through the shingle. This could lead to leaks and with just a slight bit of wind you may have blown shingles. In most case a contractor will tell you this is not covered under your warranty. They will tell you it was an act of nature. They will then tell you there will be a charge to repair your roof.
  • Be very objective when it comes to low bids. There is an old but true saying. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many of the fly-by-night companies can give you low bids for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons are :
    • They may not be insured. Which can cost you both personally and emotionally should an accident occur on your property.
    • They cut their labor hours back by using airs guns. Which can give you a below average job.
    • At completion of the job there will hidden charges that you will be responsible for. In many cases these charges will turn your lowest bid into your highest bid. This is done to, “Get the job”.
  • Do not let the price influence your decision. Your roof will be on your home for either 20, 25, 30 or more years. Will your contractor be around as long as your roof? If you have a workmanship leak in 8 years will that company take care of it at no charge? Will you be able to find the contractor? These are important question.
  • My best advice to you, research your contractor. Know who is doing your roof.


Annette Godwin

I love my new roof and was very impressed with the prompt quality of work performed by your crew. Thank you so much

Carol More

Hi guys. The final draw is enclosed. You guys did a great job. Thanks, have a great day!

What Every Home Owner Should Know

“These are photos of roofs that were installed with an air gun. Do not let this happen to your roof. Insist that your shingles are hand nailed. If you have more than one air gun on a line it is impossible to regulate the air. In most cases the nail will go straight through the shingle and into the wood which leave your roof vulnerable to the wind.”

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