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Roofing Construction and Building New Brick House with Modular Chimney, Skylights, Attic, Dormers and Eaves Exterior. Roofers Install, Repair Asphalt Shingles or Bitumen Tiles on the Rooftop Outdoor.

Housetop Roofing is your best chioce if you’re looking for a contractor in the triangle area. We specialize in building high-quality and long-lasting roof replacements, decks, fascia boards, ramps, door jams, skylights, and more! Our professional team of builders have the experience to fully meet your home’s requirements and give you the beauty and comfort you’ve been searching for.

Building or updating an existing deck isn’t simply just a great investment: It provides opportunities to personalize your backyard or front porch and customize the look to your taste and lifestyle! Today’s deck designs focus on value and good design. And with new materials like composites, House Top Roofing can build you a beautiful deck that is long-lasting and easy to maintain.
Fascia Board
Fascia board is a type of roof trim which is commonly used on houses. It is mounted on the exposed ends of rafters or the top of exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside. In addition to serving an aesthetic function by creating a smooth, even appearance on the edge of the roof, fascia board also protects the roof and the interior of the house from weather damage. Not all styles of home design feature fascia board, but many do.When you are ready to update your fascia, House Top Roofing is your resource for this work.
Ramps are often be considered to be a unattractive addition to a home. However they are a necessity if you have guests or residents with disabilities. House Top Roofing is considerate to both the needs of a ramp and the beauty of the home. We build ramps that are durable and convenient but also maintain the beauty of your home. This is one reason we are considered one of the best woodworking raleigh, NC companies
Door Jams
Nothing is worse than a drafty door or one that has a damaged jam. These nuisances can be eyesores as well as reduce the efficiency of your home. We can replace these problem-points for you by installing new door jams that will reduce air flow between the inside and outside of your home as well as increase your home’s beauty.
When it comes to installing skylights, it is imperative that a experienced installer who understands the products they are installing. After all, the skylight may be inexpensive, but your home is not, and without proper installation, leaks may be the result, and repairing leak damage can cost more than the skylight did. House Top Roofing has the experience in installing these delicate home improvements that you are looking for.


Annette Godwin

I love my new roof and was very impressed with the prompt quality of work performed by your crew. Thank you so much

Carol More

Hi guys. The final draw is enclosed. You guys did a great job. Thanks, have a great day!

What Every Home Owner Should Know

“These are photos of roofs that were installed with an air gun. Do not let this happen to your roof. Insist that your shingles are hand nailed. If you have more than one air gun on a line it is impossible to regulate the air. In most cases the nail will go straight through the shingle and into the wood which leave your roof vulnerable to the wind.”

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