Adding On To Your Home

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Adding On To Your Home

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The housing market is still a bit down but prices are
Housetop Roofing coming back up. The economy for lenders and buyers still is not at pre-recession rates. In many cases this makes buying a new, larger home less than affordable. One of the more economical ways to get a larger home is to build an addition onto the existing home. There are many reasons to build an addition such as expense, updating of the home and added value to the home.

Many times families buy a starter home and plan to move at some point in the future. Sometimes it is a question of too much expense. Other times it is a question of wishing to stay where those precious family memories have been made which stops homeowners from buying a new home. In either case an addition to the home might solve space problems and be less expensive in the long run.

There are many good reasons to choose to build an addition to a home. An addition will create a higher value to a home as soon as it is complete. It will create more living space within the home in a short time. Along with these instant gains comes the fact there is no new home shopping, financing or packing and moving. About the only possible downside to an addition is a building project which is connected to the home. This may last a few weeks to a few months depending on the size and complexity of the addition. Not a lot of effort for an increased space as well as added value.

Good interior design is coming back into the forefront in home remodeling and additions. This involves planning the design and use of the space before building. There are many options today for the homeowner who wishes to expand their home. Many modern designs rest upon the intermingling of the old with the new for a fresh, clean look. Custom design will give an area a unique look. Paints, wallpapers, paneling and flooring have all reached a new high in today’s modern design world. These items should all be considered to match the type of space the addition will form.

Interior design is not the only part of an addition which has come into its own in the modern world. New construction techniques as well as better building materials make adding an addition a value added item for a homeowner. Newer materials last longer, wear better and are formulated for longer life. Paint is one of the better examples. Paints today can last much longer than those formulated even ten years ago. There have also been advances in paint which enable it to be easier to clean and keep looking fresh and new. The color range of paint has expanded nearly into infinity.

Reuse and recycle are two often heard words today. When planning a new addition check with manufacturers for reusable or recycled materials. Items such as hardwood flooring may be obtained from old projects and cost less than new hardwood floors. If the addition will become a kitchen consider checking for older cabinets and having them refurbished and repainted. This will give a new addition a comfortable, lived in look with a fresh coat of paint. Older cabinets are many times more charming and unusual than new ones. These older cabinets may be used for storage if a game room is the purpose of an addition. There are many ways in which recycle and reuse can be added to any home addition project.

Whether a home at the tip of Florida or the top of Alaska is having an addition there is always the weather to consider. Insulation has matured as a field. There is now spray in insulation which covers everything on the inside of the walls and holds back the heat or cold. Doors and windows are also heat and cold resistant these days. Many windows now come with triple panes. This allows light in but keeps the weather out for more comfort as well as lower energy use bills. Doors are now made of materials which do not expand or contract as much making door leaks less of an issue. Better weather stripping around both doors and windows makes the final touch to insulating that new room as an energy investment for years to come.

Putting an addition onto a home is an investment for many homeowners. It is easier than finding, financing and moving to a new location. While not everyone may have this luxury it can be an affordable solution for many. Whether there are more bedrooms necessary as the children have grown or just a larger kitchen for the home owner who has discovered a love of gourmet cooking, an addition can make a house a much better home.

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