When it comes to roofing companies in Raleigh, NC, Housetop Roofing can’t be beat. We make sure that your roof is done right by hand nailing all of the shingles, only using in-house employees, and having a foreman on site. We don’t stop there with our quality work: We also offer a number of home improvement services, where we provide the same quality service.

If you’re looking to enhance your home as well as your outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with either a sunroom or a screened-in porch. Both of these options let you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of your home. So what’s the difference between the two?

The main difference between a sunroom and a screened-in porch are the walls. A screened-in porch is enclosed with, well you probably guessed it…screens. This lets the fresh air of the outdoors flow through your porch, while keeping out bugs and other unwanted visitors. Sunrooms are enclosed with glass. This allows natural light to shine through the space, while enabling you to keep the room hot or cold, depending on your preferences. In addition, both have roofs, which means you can enjoy the outdoors while being shielded from the elements. 

When you’re trying to decide between a sunroom and a screened-in porch, one of the main things you’ll want to consider is your budget. Because of their windows and other materials needed, sunrooms are going to be more costly than screened-in porches. You’ll also want to think about your local climate and how you plan to use this space in the future. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, this will limit the amount of time you can use a screened-in porch each year. 

Ultimately, either option has its own pros and cons, and it comes down to what works best for you and your family. Either way, we are happy to help you enhance your home with a screened-in porch or a sunroom. Give us a call today at Housetop Roofing in Raleigh, NC for your free consultation.